How it works

An Upscale Event with Ease...

  1.  check out the website and find a style
  2. Give us a call to place your reservation (if you know dimensions and quantities of tables at your event, that will be a help!)
  3. Receiving the tablecloths, you can get the tablecloths 2 days before the event, (please specify if needed earlier) via pick up or delivery. Delivery costs around 50 shekel in Yerushalayim. 
  4. Tables Set- take pictures!! we love to see how your event looks! 
  5. If you don’t use all of the tablecloths, we do offer one extra, and you won’t be charged. 
  6. Washing– we offer a washing service to make it easier for the baal simcha, costing 20 shekel per cloth to wash. Otherwise, if you wish to wash yourself, please follow washing instructions below. 
  7. Returning– if you are washing the cloths then you have 2 days to wash and hang dry, otherwise we need the cloths back within 24 hrs. of the event so we can wash them properly. If you would like to return via pick up service, please let us know in advance to schedule accordingly.
  8. We take credit cards to make your life easier, you can plan your simcha with just a click of a button!
    Only simchas!

Reminders once you get the tablecloths

• The rentals are now your responsibility. Please do not leave unattended in public areas.

• Due to the high quality of the tablecloths, they must be handled with care. Candles can cause burn holes and wax residue (even havdala candles); fabric left loose on the floor and/or rough edges on old tables can cause holes, etc. Please do not place extremely hot food/warmers directly on the fabrics. Super oily dressing or food/food coloring may stain the tablecloth as well. Any damaged rentals will incur a charge depending on the severity.
• Cleaning instructions are on the flip side.
• If you prefer to use our washing service, please notify us before the event. We would need them back within 24 hrs so we can wash them properly.
• If returning dirty, please shake off all debris from tablecloth and fold back into our provided bags. If our bag is not returned, the fee is 35 shekel.
• Rentals must be returned by the specified date on the card in the bag, to Birkat Avraham 26, Rosenblatt Family, Floor 1 in the bags that were given to you. Please call 053-314-5739 to schedule drop-off of used items, as they may not be left unattended at our door unless notified before. If they are returned past this time, there may be a penalty fee.


Stain/Damage– depends on severity
Wax- 50 nis/cloth • Late- 50 nis/day
Returned Wet– 15 shekel/cloth
Bag– 35 nis
Not-folded– 15 nis

Cleaning Care

We have created these instructions to help you, please don’t get alarmed if it seems too detailed.
1. Lay out the tablecloth flat on your floor. Gently remove any leftover food that dried onto the fabric. (Ex: globs of chocolate, caramel, Cholent… must be removed by hand.)
2. Right before it goes into the machine, entirely shpritz each spot with oxy (non– bleach) stain remover spray. Let it sit for 1 minute, but do not let it dry into the fabric before it enters the machine.
3. We recommend only washing one tablecloth at a time! They are big and will get tangled/wrinkled if more are in a load. Set your washing machine to a quick 15 min. cycle. Lower speed. Use 1/2 a top of liquid detergent, and softener.
4. To dry, hang-dry tablecloths away from direct sunlight. Make sure they have no wrinkles while drying. Please do not hang over doors as they might have rough edges and can pull at the fabric.
5. Once they are totally dry (even if rushed to return on time, don’t return them wet!), please fold them symmetrically, so they don’t wrinkle. Call me if you run into a problem!
6. Please make sure to return them in the bags that were given to you.
7. WAX STAINS/DAMAGE: If you realize the fabric was damaged, please notify us before you wash them or try to remove the wax with an iron. Each fabric needs to be treated properly.
****If we notice unmentioned damage, after returned, we will try to consult you, otherwise payments will be charged accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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